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To start with, Kid Me Not Pictures is a brainchild of WhatKnot Photography. Having covered more than 175 weddings, we have a sense of understanding expressions and moments.

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Sahil – A little grown up



This little one shares his birthday with our Founder’s newborn baby as well – 15th November. That makes him extra special to us for sure. We will never forget to wish him on his birthday for sure 🙂  


Yuvraj and us were slated to work on other assignments in December’17. But one fine day, he called us saying he has something personal to discuss. And in couple of mins, we got the happy news. We quickly planned a date and a location to get the shoot in place. 🙂   P.S. Vaishali delivered […]


This is a late post. Divya has delivered a baby boy. Hurraayy ! We couldn’t contain ourselves and thought of sharing her pictures when she was expecting. 🙂


We have been asked a lot of times. What’s the best time to do a New Born Baby Photoshoot. Being in India, we have been a little more cautious and said 20-25 days. But as photographers, we know we have missed our chance. This time around, with the new Mother being from our own industry, […]


The boss’ kid ! Period ! This little fella was expected to doze off so that we could get some pictures done. But he had something else in mind altogether. We aren’t complaining !   Tags: New Born, New Born Photography, New Born Girl Photography, Mumbai, Kids Photography, Baby Photography, Baby Girl Photography, Baby Girl […]


This three year old wanted to climb tress and chase cats in the park. He wanted to do everything in 2 hours. And that is what kept us on our toes.  


Ok. This post will be updated every now and then. For a very simple reason. He is my nephew. 🙂 So, instead of we calling it a story, we would just stick to saying “The different phases of Ishaan” in his growing up.


What a fun afternoon this turned out to be. We went into this shoot knowing what we wanted to capture. With all the preps done, it was time to shoot. The little bath tub with loads of baby soap and warm water was all that was needed. 🙂    


Our first take on a more documentary kind of a shoot. All these years, we have been clicking portraits at scenic locations in the best possible outfits. Everything has to be perfect when you do that. Well, it is genuinely important to get all of it right before a picture. But come on, here’s a […]

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