We have been asked a lot of times. What’s the best time to do a New Born Baby Photoshoot. Being in India, we have been a little more cautious and said 20-25 days. But as photographers, we know we have missed our chance. This time around, with the new Mother being from our own industry, it didn’t take time for us to convince her into shooting early. And thus began our wonderful day at their residence.

This was the first time we shot a 15 day old baby girl..

And what a delight it was. We were in love with everything about her. Those tiny hands and feet melted our hearts while we tried to pose her for the camera.

As a 15 day old baby, we expected her to sleep most of the time. But that was not the case. She had other plans. She stared at the camera while we go closer and winked, smiled and yawned for us.


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